I received my order last night, so excited.  I bought some of your rubs 2 yrs.
ago at Springfield, Missouri show.  I put your card in safe place, and forgot
where safe place was.  I finally found it last week.  Absolutely love the
Sizzlin' Oak, its great on everything.  Thanks again and I will be in touch
when I run out.
T. Davis


Great Stuff
E. Guinaugh


Just wanted to let you guys know that I love the seasoning and since I bought 
the seasoning at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, I have not used 
anything else.  Great BBQ sauce as well.
N. Morales


Alaskan salmon, olive oil, fresh lemon juice, and VR Rod and Surf!!! Delicious!!!
R. Castaneda


Just wanted you to know... our turkey got a bit of Campfire Dust on it today and 
was deeeeelish!!


My wife and I bought three different rubs from you all on Saturday.  Today we 
fired up the grill in anticipation of trying one of the new rubs.  After rubbing the 
"Sizzlin' Oak Steak" rub on some pork chops, I seared them a few minutes, then 
grilled them until about done, then back for a final searing.  I have got to tell you, 
these were the best damn pork chops I have ever ate in my life!  They were 
comparable to the finest rib-eye steaks ever to see a grill.  If anyone is hesitant 
to try your rubs, they can contact me for the absolute truth in making the finest 
chops ever to hit the grill.  Try Van Roehling's rubs... you'll be glad you did.
S & N Place
Watts, OK


We use your rubs exclusively at our home in Texarkana and also at our cabin in 
Arkansas.  The neighbors are constantly over borrowing some, especially 
Sizzling Oak!  We give your website address out all the time. Thanks for a great 
T. Orihuela
Texarkana, TX


I absolutely love this product!! I have put it on veggies, corn on the cob, and 
made the best roast ever.  My family tasted the food and really enjoyed it.
Re: Saltless
C. Grossman


Thanks for the greatest sauces and rubs on the PLANET, we will be stocking up 
at the Huntsville Fair on the Square in October.  Your spice and sauce trios 
make great hospitality gifts and gifts for family gatherings at Thanksgiving and 
Pat P.
Huntsville, TX


Your Sizzlin' Oak Steak Rub is the absolute best! Wen I came home I threw out 
all my other "smoke" salt rubs because they just cannot compare.  Thanks for a 
great product.
Spring Branch, TX


Gawd, this is good stuff.  Can't find anything it doesn't enhance or make taste 
better.  Good on beef and pork, as well as fish.  Also great on summer 
tomatoes, salad or on my moistened index finger.  Love it.
Re: Rod and Surf Rub
M. Herring
San Antonio, TX


My husband purchased a pack/set of seasonings last year at a show in Austin.  
We have literally used them all.  Honestly, I was skeptical but after using Sweet 
Piggy on some pork steaks, I fell in love with your seasonings.
D Saenz
Round Rock, TX


Redfish on the half shell with a glaze of Van Roehling Jalapeno Red
Plum Glaze....That's how we cook on the coast in POC.  Thanks for
the products Van, they're awesome and I totally enjoy them.  God
Captain Brad Graham
Port O'Connor, TX


Van Roehling's Honey Jalapeno Sauce is my absolute favorite BBQ sauce.  
It's so smooth and full of flavor and is the perfect blend of richness.  It
honestly can't be beat!
Mrs. United States & Mrs. Texas 2004, Edrienne Carpenter

Just a short note to say THANK YOU!  I have been cooking competition for
over 4 years, and never placed in the Rib catagory, til 2 weeks ago when I
placed 1st.  I used Sweet Piggy Rub and people raved about them.  Keep up
the good products.  Your rub made the difference!
Lincoln Clark
Huntsville, TX


After an afternoon of sampling all the barbecue sauces in the Hot Sauce
Festival, I decided to come back to the BEST.  Excellent rich flavor, not too
overpowering, but just enough to give you that KICK! Will definitely be
ordering more online.
Juan Cardenas
Houston, TX


I used the Sweet Piggy rub on my pork spare ribs, then finished them off
with Jalapeno Red Plum Glaze.  We placed 1st out of 102 teams.  The guests
loved it too.
John C. Rosas
Head Cook
Grillz Gone Wild Cooking Team


I always buy different BBQ sauces and doctor them up.  My girlfriend & I
purchased one of your sauces and a ribeye.  I asked my girlfriend to taste the
sauce & doctor it up.  She opened it, tasted it, and said you don't need to
doctor this up, it is the best I have ever tasted!!! This caused me to take
notice, she is a general manager and chef for a large restaurant chain. All
I'm gonna say is it is the best I have ever tasted, the ribeye was good, but the
Van Roehling sauce made it better!!! I just thought credit should be given
where deserved!!! and you deserve it buddy!!!
Jeff Schoppe
Somerville, TX


We have enjoyed the sauce and look forward to sharing them with friends
and family.
Karen Ragsdale
Round Rock, TX

Got your BBQ sauce at Bluebonnet Festival.  We love it!  Thanks for the
great taste of Texas.
Brent & Amber Siler

We have tasted the Honey Jalapeno BBQ Sauce, it is very good.
 Clifton, Betty & Ethan Wachsmann
LaGrange, TX


I bought the Honey Jalapeno sauce last week.  This sauce is personally the
best sauce I’ve ever had.
 Chris Boyd
Houston, TX


Your Sizzlin’ Oak Steak Rubs is absolutely the best.  When I came home, I
threw out all my other “smoke” salt rubs, because they cannot compare.  
Thanks for a great product.                
Spring Branch, TX


I wanted you to know your spices are great.  Hope to see you in Christmas in
Comfort this year.
 Jason Hildebrand


I’ve used lots of different seasonings trying to grill a steak with flavor my
family enjoyed.  Van Roehling’s Sizzlin’ Oak Steak seasoning gives meat the
great flavor we wanted.
 Larry Wick
Weimer, TX


Your Honey Jalapeno sauce is fantastic.  My husband used it on his ribs and
they were so good he’s using it in the cook-off he’s entered into in two weeks.
Bob & Lee Ann Fisk



We received the package today!  I have to say my husband was extremely
impressed with the appreciation letter that you included; the sauces are some
of the best we've tasted.  For that little extra thoughtfulness that you put into
your product & packaging, our family will be buying your product (and
recommending) from this day forward.
Hopefully, I'll see your booth at Fair on the Square this year in Huntsville.
 Lee Ann Bell


This is a very, very good sauce. Very smooth.
You get the flavor of the honey and the
jalapeño, separate - but together.
Darren McGrady Former Royal Chef for Queen

Elizabeth II and Diana - Princess of Wales


My Family and I tried the Jalapeño Honey
Barbecue sauce and we absolutely loved it.
The Van Orden Family Houston, Texas


My Family and I tried Van Roehling's sauces
last week for the first time. We loved the
flavors and are ordering more as gifts for our
Sellars Family Deer Park, Texas


I had a feeling it would be and I was right...
Your Original Mild is my favorite.
I can even handle the Liquid Fire (YUM!)
I am saving the Honey Jalapeño to have at my
little New Year's Eve party.
Everyone is going to love it!